Education at Codarts WM

New platform for Latin Music Education
Unique in the world: the World Music department at Codarts. ( It offers higher vocational education in the following specialisations:
  • Latin Music (including Brazilian Music, Caribbean Music and the majors voice, percussion, piano, double bass, e-bass and wind instruments);
  • Argentine Tango (majors: bandoneón, violin, piano, double bass, guitar);
  • Turkish Music (including Anatolian Music and Ottoman Music and the majors voice, saz, Turkish percussion, ney, ud, lavta, violin and other Turkish and Arabian instruments and wind instruments);
  • Indian Music (majors: voice, bansuri, sitar, tabla, sarangi).
  • Flamenco guitar;
Each section has its own team of specialised teachers and musicians of world renown, such as the Indian bansuri player Hariprasad Chaurasia, Spanish flamenco guitarist Paco Peña, Argentinian pianist and composer Gustavo Beytelmann, Turkish ney player Kudsi Ergüner. Check out some of our alumni.