Anna Elis de Jong

Pianist, Arranger, Composer, Educator
Pianist, composer and arranger Anna Elis de Jong studied and graduated at the Conservatory in Rotterdam.  She played in several groups such as: Quartet Anna Elis de Jong, and Stages of Being Group. She accompanied many singers such as Lilian Vieira and Maria Joao Mendes. She performed on Dutch podia and theatres but also abroad. (Italy – Venice and Formiggini , Korea – Seoul, Spain – Madrid, France – Paris, Germany – several places, Mexico City and of course Rio de Janeiro , Friburgo , Petropolis a.o.) Since 1998 she teaches at Codarts, the Conservatory of Rotterdam, where she is also the coördinator of the Latin Department. In this function she organizes many projects concerning Brazilian Music. SInce 2020 she also teaches Latin ensembles at Artez Zwolle. She travels to Brazil every other year to play concerts in Rio both with her own projects as well as with the students from Codarts.
Projects from 2006-2009: Symphonic Songs by Jobim, Dansamba, Tribute to the music of Guinga 2010: Opera do Malandro in cooperation with Brazilian guitarist Nelson Faria. In 2011 she recorded the first part of her CD  “Stages of Being” with Nelson Faria, Ney Conçeicão and Rafael Barata in Rio de Janeiro. The second part was recorded in The Netherlands with Ed Verhoeff, Maciej Domaradzki, Michalis Cholevas,  Udo Demandt and Miguel Hisroshi Garcia. In 2015 she was a guest in Brazil, São Paulo (EMESP), giving a masterclass and a concert with students from Codarts. On her cd Stages of Being Anna Elis shows herself as a versatil pianist, composer and arranger. She effortlessly connects Brazilian music with Jazz, Classical and other worldmusic styles. Her compositions speak their own language and move freely in the domain of Latin, Jazz and Middle Eastern music. A challenge, a promise, poetry, surprising! (Pianowereld, F. Schulze)